Each True Adventure will ideally involve these fundamental characteristics:


True Adventure experiences begin in Nature.  We deliberately leave behind the conveniences of home, the sounds of the city, and all things man-made to spend time outdoors, enjoying all the amazing and natural wonders of Creation.


A True Adventure will include a degree of discomfort – you will leave behind the comforts of home to spend hours hiking, canoeing, or climbing.  You will be exposed to all types of weather, and your gear might get wet.  Fatigue and soreness will set in.  This temporary discomfort makes us aware of the relatively easy and blessed lives we all lead, and how our lives could be different, discomfort brings us closer together.


It may be your first time rock climbing, rafting, or taking a long backpacking trip through some remote forest.  You may begin to doubt if you have what it takes to complete the trip – you are risking your pride.  You should experience real fear and learn to push through it.  Having done so, you’ll always have that sense of pride and accomplishment and be more willing to take a risk the next time you have the opportunity.

Personal and Spiritual Growth

At some point during the trip, you will realize that you have pushed beyond some of your own perceived boundaries, and have become a stronger and more confident person.  You have seen your challenge and conquered it – risked and been rewarded.  Exhilarated, you are thirsty for another challenge.

Experience of Awe and Beauty

You will be struck with moments of wonder and awe that will defy explanation: hiking down a snow covered path through a pine forest, swimming in a river as the sun sets, quiet time with friends around a campfire, seeing an incredible vista from a mountain summit.  These personal and transcendent moments will stick with you long after the trip has ended.  These moments will deepen your relationship with the environment, with each other, and with God.


Ideally you’ll experience exhilaration at some point – whether it be as you crest the top of a high mountain ridge, raft through some crazy rapids, or ice climb an icefall, we hope that at some time you are thrilled to just be alive and are stretched and ecstatic that you’re alive, outdoors, doing something you think is awesome.

Desire For More

After the adventure is done, you may feel a sense of relief and excitement.  You may have a strong desire for more, to do it again or come on another adventure with us and stretch and grow in many ways, learn more about yourself, build some more relationships, and maybe come closer to God.

A Sense of Community

True Adventures is a great way to build lasting friendships.  Even on the shortest adventures, our goal is to share at least one meal together after the adventure.

Quiet Time

Even five or ten minutes of alone time after a short talk during an adventure can be the highlight of the trip.  We don’t always manage to do this but we love it when we do.